WP URL Rotator is the WordPress Plugin URL Rotator that was created by the creator of the popular stand alone URL Rotator Script – HomeBizRotator

I am not quite done with the WP URL Rotator, but please check back here periodically to be notified when it is complete.

Want to see the rotator in action? Click here several times and you will see it rotate through some of my sites.

Here are some screen shots.

This is what the admin panel looks like. You can always see the next link that is set to be displayed is in bold. This is a sequential link rotator. Random link rotators are much easier to create, but I like each link getting the same number of views instead of random views.


There is a settings menu option where you will be able to set your rotator name, and set a default URL in case all of your links go disabled.


Here is what the new link screen looks like. You can also still add links in bulk, and choose the name for those links.


Even if you don’t want to use the rotator feature, you can still use it as a hit tracker. You can get your direct links from the following page, and the links look professional without a bunch of “?” and “&” characters.


I really hope to have the WP URL Rotator done in justĀ  a few days from now.