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WordPress Unlimited Rotator Plugin

Due to popular demand, The WP URL Rotator will soon allow you to rotate unlimited URLs, in unlimited rotator campaigns.

Currently the WPURLRotator allows only one rotator campaign to rotate unlimited links, in a sequential fashion. Rotating links in sequence means each link will get the same number of views, regardless of the amount of traffic sent to the rotator.

Most rotators, rotate links in a random fashion because a random rotator is much easier to create than a rotator that rotates links in sequence. Adding the ability to allow for multiple rotator campaigns to rotate multiple links in order, was no small feat.

Due to the work involved, I may increase the price of the WordPress rotator plugin to $29 from the current price of $17. That will still a great deal due to all of the features of this professional WordPress rotator.

Here are some screen shots of the new multiple rotator campaign feature.



Add new rotator campaigns.


Manage rotator campaign links.


I will be updating the main page when the multiple campaign rotator is released.

Anyone who has already bought, or will buy the WP URL Rotator before the updgrade is complete, will get the upgrade for free. Since I may be increasing the price upon release of the multi-campaign feature I suggest you get it now.