404 Error When Creating a Rotator

Here are a few things I have seen that could cause 404 errors when trying to add a rotator.

1. I had a customer who had HostGator WordPress only hosting, and I couldn’t get it to work on that hosting. He had HostGator convert his hosting to a Linux hosting plan, installed WordPress and it worked.

2. I have seen this caused by a security plugin. You might try temporarily disabling plugins you think may be conflicting and see if it’s related to that. You may need to temporarily deactivate all plugins to check for conflicts. If there is a plugin conflict, if I know what plugin it is, I may be able to modify the rotator.

3. Make sure the wprotator file is wpurlrotator.zip and not wpurlrotator(1).zip. I have had customers download the plugin in twice and use the “(1)” file. This messes up the path that script needs to find the rotator files. You can make sure the path is correct by going to plugins, then Editor. Select the WP URL Rotator from the “Select plugin to edit” drop down and press the select button. You should then see Editing wpurlrotator/wpurlrotator.php. If you see something like wpurlrotator1/wpurlrotator.php (with the “1”) the plugin didn’t install in the correct folder. NOTE *** WpURLRotator version 2.3 should take care of that. You can download it from the JVZoo product purchase area.

If none of that works, I would he happy to have a look. You can submit a help desk ticket here. To troubleshoot, I may need access to your WordPress admin area. Others have created a user account for me with admin rights. Then when I am done you can delete that user account.

404 Error when clicking the rotator link